tsl manifesto // ten obstacles to overcome*

OR // let's murder filippo tommaso maniretti


1. How to avoid the tyranny of real time, of immediacy and ubiquity.  2.  How to insure that the precision afforded by technology does not obscure the imprecise realities of our environments, our culture, and our histories.  3. How to reestablish a symbiotic relationship between the design process and the written word, one that reveals states of constant flux and adds to the domains of poetry.  4. How to defy the instantaneous and disposable snapshot fueled by a contaminated world of information and embrace that perception is action.  5. How to acknowledge the paucity of architecture in thoughtful relationship to time and reignite the discipline most responsible for its creation.  6. How to subvert the Capitalistic systems that have given us fifteen-year loan cycles, depriving civilization of its ruins.  7. How to wage reprisal against sensory deprivation, to counter the thousand and one false dawns delivered by the sun of our technologies.  8. How to resurrect a kind of intellectual twilight where vision succumbs to the imagination and idle details are suppressed.  9. How to practice what we call “l’oeil de l’enfant” so as to read the image for what it truly is and protect it from false pretense.  10. How to illuminate the spectral nature of architecture and glimpse the soul of an edifice!


* In 2000, the theorist Paul Virilio published his “ten obstacles to overcome” in DOMUS. These ten points were not a condensed explanation of the critical theory that he is well known for but rather cautionary tales that warned of the adverse effect of continuing on the current political and technological trajectories upon which he had spent a lifetime theorizing. Our first point draws directly from these anxieties and lays the groundwork for a personal manifesto that seeks to expand contemporary modes of representation and perpetuate what we term the timescape.




Brian Ambroziak, Partner // MS Arch Princeton University. 1998 // BS Arch University of Virginia. 1992

Andrew E. McLellan, Partner // MFA Creative Writing. Queens University 2015 // BS Arch University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 1999

Katherine Ambroziak, Partner // MS Arch Princeton University. 1996 // BS Arch University of Virginia. 1992

TSLINTERNS // Annie Stone, Ashley Bigham, Chuck Draper, Mary Miller, and Claire Craven.